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Safeguarding life, property and the environment

Come home safe

Hansen Protection HSE

Survival suits in use

SeaRIB special survival suit

Rescue in the North Sea

SeaAir and SeaWind helicopterstunt

SeaNordic survival suit

Saving life at sea

SeaSwim SAR suit

SeaWork AES work suit

SeaFish constant wear suit

SeaWind hotelstunt

Special solutions

Emergency thermal & evacuation suit

Made to measure survival suits

Survival suit automatic self-rightening unit

Instructional videos

SeaAir Barents-2 with SeaAir EBS MK II

SeaAir with SeaAir EBS

SeaAir Barents with HP-ERBS

SeaAir with SeaAir EBS

SeaAir with HP-ERBS

SeaAir Barents 2 with HP-ERBS

SeaLion Europe with hybrid EBS

Survival suit production and testing

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